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How MakerGeeks Became the Only U.S. 3D Filament Manufacturer Operating at Its Level (Elon Musk is a Customer)
Maker Geeks Manufacturing, Inc is the first and Only US based 3D Printer Filament manufacturer and they are expanding again; the 4th time in 2 years to meet demand of US market
Springfield, MO, April 18, 2018 ( - The Make Happy Story from MakerGeeks and how a small start-up got WAY out of hand and earned Elon Musk as a client.
Years before he found himself working on the North Slope of Alaska’s oil fields, Joshua Smith’s dream was to become a high-altitude ice climber and scale the world’s most prolific peaks and valleys.
But Mount McKinley, the world’s tallest land-based mountain, would have to wait.

“Keep reading to find out how Smith's company, Maker Geeks, just six months after migrating to Shopify Plus ... Doubled their year-over-year sales Increased conversion rates nearly 350% Lifted abandoned-carts rescues from 0 to 26% And are on track to triple their sales in 2018 Or, if you're ready to see similar results, discover everything Shopify Plus' B2B ecommerce platform has to offer.”

Immediately after quitting his job testing oil pipelines in Prudhoe Bay, Smith launched a sports supplements company from scratch. It’s a competitive space, but Smith grew the business into one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest- growing businesses of 2007 and eventually sold it after receiving multiple offers.
It was at 20,310 feet that Smith found the passion he had lost ...
Having just sold the supplements business he founded, Smith was able to pursue some of the passions he lacked the time for while building the business. Climbing Mount McKinley was one of those and Smith turned his dream into reality in 2009.

Smith founded Maker Geeks, which offers one of the largest selections of 3D Printing filament, 3D printing kits and 3D printers in the United States. Since launching in 2010, the company has manufactured and sold more than one million pounds of 3D printer filament and is creating manufacturing jobs that were once thought dead in its hometown of Springfield, Missouri.

“I’m very focused on having Maker Geeks become a large-scale producer of 3D filament here in the United States instead of consumers having to order from China,” says Smith. “We aim to be able to offer our customers a 3D printer filament that is far superior to what's out there already for about 80 percent the price of traditional filament. This also allows the company to bring jobs to our industry and to our city of Springfield.”

"We recently moved our eCommerce business to the Shopify Plus platform and have seen sales more than triple in just the first 6 months...", said Smith in a recent Shopify+ blog post. To learn more about how is setting new records in eCommerce metrics since their move from Yahoo Small Business click here: Shopify Plus Blog

Makers Geeks also offers free shipping on all orders within the United States. To see more of Smith’s story, learn more about the company and see more of the products offered, visit

Maker Geeks Manufacturing, Inc.
Maker Geeks Manufacturing, Inc. is a plastics manufacturer in Springfield, Missouri. The company is the first and largest purpose-built factory to focus on making U.S. made 3D printer filament. Maker Geeks sells through Shopify Plus and at

Media Contact:
Joshua b Smith

Source: Maker Geeks Manufacturing, Inc.

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