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Maker Geeks Never Clog Kit - January 3D Geek Box

3D Printer Nozzle Clearing -  3D Printer Cold Pull MethodFound this awesome info on!! 
Reposted here with CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
There are several reasons you may need to clean out your nozzle. Foreign particles, filament contaminants, accumulated dust, overheated and scorched plastic can all become lodged in your nozzle and prevent smooth extrusion. Scorched plastic can also stick to the sides, creating resistance for the plastic traveling past without actually blocking the nozzle. This procedure for clearing your nozzle should be performed any time you are unable to extrude plastic, and periodic cleaning by this method is not a bad idea. In the early days of home 3d printing, it was much more difficult to clear nozzles. It often required disassembling them and heating with a torch to remove plastic to get obstructions out, but this results in more scorched plastic and risks damaging some of the parts if improper force is applied (s…