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Review: Makergeek's Raptor PLA

The 3D Printing Experience : Review: Makergeek's Raptor PLA:

PLA is the main material used in our home based FDM printers. It's
reasonably cheap, easy to get, and requires the least amount of fiddling
to get to work. It's actually one of the strongest also. But, it's also
the lowest temperature melting point and though it's stronger, it's
brittle making it less than ideal to use for structural parts in things
like our printers themselves and other products like remote control
vehicles and other high impact applications which we generally default
to using ABS for.  The problem with ABS is it requires a good bit more
care to be taken getting the printer adjusted and it also requires a
heated bed to prevent warping during print, and even then it can fail to
hold and you end up with corners pulling up or outright failed print.
Other materials have popped up with the promise of ease of use with
better strength but are usually a mixed bag and often fall s…