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Let's Talk TRASH!!! ;)

Let's Talk TRASH!!! ;) Oh happy day to you... all you Makers out there… hope the week is going great and you are having a productive summer so far. Hard to think that it’s almost back to school time - this year is flying by that’s for sure!

Well, I had something on my mind today and wanted to share with you some thoughts on our industry of plastic manufacturing; in a word TRASH… oh man, the waste we as plastics manufactures generate is pretty epic. As an industry around 20% of the finished product is waste … from machine clean outs to material changeovers to just “dialing in” new product runs we see a lot of waste.

Our shop is ahead of the pack as an industry with only about 10% of our 3D filament manufacturing finding its way to the dumpster - however think about some raw numbers… if we process say just an average of 30,000lbs of 3D filament each month then 10% of that is 3,000lbs of wasted plastic EACH MONTH… that’s crazy talk and horrible for the environment. 

Something needs to …