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From 3D Scan to 3D Print - How To Video

From 3D Scan to 3D Print - How To Video From #3dScan to #3dprint - easy as can be with the #Makerbot digitizer and some #makerFilament PLA - I have a video review/ un-boxing coming up soon!! #makeON #madeintheUSA

From 3d Scan to 3d Print

From #3dScan to #3dprint - easy as can be with the #Makerbot digitizer and some #makerFilament PLA - I have a video review/ un-boxing coming up soon!! #makeON#madeintheUSA

More info online at -

Radiation Shielding using 3D Printer Filament

Radiation Shielding Components using GMASS Introduction

GMASS is now for sale on here: GMASS

GMASS is a high-density 3D printer filament designed for use with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers. It is manufactured using ABS base material that is filled with heavy-metals or metal oxides to add density. These heavy fillers act very much like lead for absorbing x-rays, allowing the user to make radiation shielding components using 3D printers. The fillers are non-toxic, and meet ROHS restrictions for import of hazardous materials into Europe.

There are 2 main varieties of GMASS. Bismuth oxide filled ABS is available in densities up to 2.7 g/cc. This material has a basic yellow/green color, which is light enough that the material can also be supplied in blue or red configurations. It is electrically insulating for those applications where it is near high voltage. The other variety is tungsten-filled ABS, which is available in densities to 4.0 g/cc. Because the tungsten…

The Maker Filament PLA Difference

Maker Filament PLA 3D Printer FilamentThe Maker Filament PLA Difference: 

Low to NO odorStronger than other PLA ResinsNo Heated Bed RequiredNo jamming when swapping between ABS and PLALow moisture absorption Eco-Freindly resin annually sustainable plant based resin Fully made in the USAAffordable - we make it, you save big!! Oh you are in for a treat… you are about to be using one of the only USA made PLA filaments in the world; Maker Filament PLA is here!! Maker Filament PLA is different from other PLA’s you have used in the past because our 3D printer PLA filament extrudes perfectly at 230c which is higher than most of the other PLA filaments you have used before.

The reason for this is that we use a special USA sourced high-temp PLA resin that yields a stronger PLA print, zero warp and is much less susceptible to moisture absorption so you’ll have better prints from the first print all the way to the very last inch of filament on the spool; even if that takes you all year to use... …