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Now all Maker Filament is $21.55 / KG - New Lower Pricing from MakerGeeks

Now all Maker Filament is $21.55 / KG View this email in your browser Get your RED HOT Fresh Filament Here... We make it fresh daily... in Springfield, MO so you can save BIG! Good morning MAKERS!! Rise and Shine!! Hope you are having a great October so far and have big plans for the week... I'm so excited for some recent news we just got.

As we grow we keep getting better pricing on our raw resins, spools and colorant used to make all the PLA, ABS, HIPS and PETG Maker Filament!! Just recently we have crossed over another pricing threshold due to our volume on the resin and we are committed to always passing this savings on to you!

So, we have lowered ALL our Maker Filament (that's nearly 90 items) to a flat $21.55 per KG (2.2lbs) - WHOA!!! That means you can get a whopping 2.2lbs of PETG or PLA for just $21.55 - that's crazy talk!! Or stock up on our HIPS or ABS for the same price...  Plus, you'll always get  FREE shipping and ZERO tax if you are inside the USA!

As you m…

Recyclable 3D Printer Filament Made in the USA

Recyclable 3D Printer Filament Made in the USA is finally here - manufacturers are finally starting to take a stand and develop 3D printer filament that address the elephant in the room; the massive amounts of waste that 3D printing produces. Not just in the end users 3D printer but also in the making of the filament itself.

As a USA based manufacturer MakerGeeks has seen this first hand, each time a filament run is started, diameter is changed, color is changed and even spool size is changed there can be 2-10lbs of filament that must be thrown out until the machine is up to tolerance. Multiple this by 10's of thousands of spools made each time and you can see we have a problem of epic proportions in keeping our commitment to being green as an industry. 

Enter a new PETG resin that is now being used to make 3D printer filament that carries the '1' recycle code meaning that it's 100% recyclable and is 100% inert when used in a landfill. Until now you might of thought of P…

3D Printer Nozzle Cleaning - Cold Pull Method

3D Printer Nozzle Clearing -  3D Printer Cold Pull MethodFound this awesome info on!! 
Reposted here with CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
There are several reasons you may need to clean out your nozzle. Foreign particles, filament contaminants, accumulated dust, overheated and scorched plastic can all become lodged in your nozzle and prevent smooth extrusion. Scorched plastic can also stick to the sides, creating resistance for the plastic traveling past without actually blocking the nozzle. This procedure for clearing your nozzle should be performed any time you are unable to extrude plastic, and periodic cleaning by this method is not a bad idea. In the early days of home 3d printing, it was much more difficult to clear nozzles. It often required disassembling them and heating with a torch to remove plastic to get obstructions out, but this results in more scorched plastic and risks damaging some of the parts if improper force is applied (s…

Impact Resistant PLA - Stronger than ABS!!

IMPACT RESISTANT PLA MAKER FILAMENT - 1.75MM  The Maker Filament PLA Difference: 
1lb Spool (0.45kg)(Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm)Trademarked PLA ResinLow to NO odorStronger than ABS or PETGNo Heated Bed RequiredVacuumed Sealed With DesiccantNo jamming when swapping between ABS and PLALow moisture absorption Eco-Freindly resin is 80% compostable Sourced and Manufactured in the USAAffordable - we make it, you save big!! Spool Diameter: 7.88" - Spool Width: 1.75" - Spool Hub Hole Diameter: 2"Impact Resistant PLA Maker Filament is a first of its kind in the 3D Printing filament market and Maker Geeks is very pleased to be able to bring this to market in our Maker Filament line of 3D filament all made right here in the USA in Springfield, MO at HQ. Our Impact Resistant PLA Maker Filament prints just like our Maker Filament PLA, 220c-230c nozzle temps and no warping, no heated bed needed... it prints JUST LIKE PLA only difference is that it's stronger th…

3D Printing Filament Impact Test -- PLA vs ABS vs PETG vs Sledgehammer

Impact Tests PLA vs ABS vs PETG vs Sledgehammer Testing the real world impact strength of Maker Filament® brand PLA, ABS and PETG... check this out - you can order online only at here!  PLA #3dprinting Impact Test... #makerFilament PLA vs Sledgehammer = #makerWIN #makergeeks A video posted by Joshua b Smith (@makergeeks) on Sep 1, 2015 at 5:04am PDT
Impact test with PETG #3dprinter #makerFilament - sledgehammer 2 ---- filament ZERO!! ABS #makerFilament is up next!! A video posted by Joshua b Smith (@makergeeks) on Sep 1, 2015 at 6:18am PDT
Impact test - #makerFilament ABS #3dprinter filament vs Sledgehammer - we have a winner folks!! #makerWIN #makergeeks #3dprinting #abs A video posted by Joshua b Smith (@makergeeks) on Sep 1, 2015 at 7:44am PDT

From 3D Scan to 3D Print - How To Video

From 3D Scan to 3D Print - How To Video From #3dScan to #3dprint - easy as can be with the #Makerbot digitizer and some #makerFilament PLA - I have a video review/ un-boxing coming up soon!! #makeON #madeintheUSA

From 3d Scan to 3d Print

From #3dScan to #3dprint - easy as can be with the #Makerbot digitizer and some #makerFilament PLA - I have a video review/ un-boxing coming up soon!! #makeON#madeintheUSA

More info online at -

Radiation Shielding using 3D Printer Filament

Radiation Shielding Components using GMASS Introduction

GMASS is now for sale on here: GMASS

GMASS is a high-density 3D printer filament designed for use with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers. It is manufactured using ABS base material that is filled with heavy-metals or metal oxides to add density. These heavy fillers act very much like lead for absorbing x-rays, allowing the user to make radiation shielding components using 3D printers. The fillers are non-toxic, and meet ROHS restrictions for import of hazardous materials into Europe.

There are 2 main varieties of GMASS. Bismuth oxide filled ABS is available in densities up to 2.7 g/cc. This material has a basic yellow/green color, which is light enough that the material can also be supplied in blue or red configurations. It is electrically insulating for those applications where it is near high voltage. The other variety is tungsten-filled ABS, which is available in densities to 4.0 g/cc. Because the tungsten…

The Maker Filament PLA Difference

Maker Filament PLA 3D Printer FilamentThe Maker Filament PLA Difference: 

Low to NO odorStronger than other PLA ResinsNo Heated Bed RequiredNo jamming when swapping between ABS and PLALow moisture absorption Eco-Freindly resin annually sustainable plant based resin Fully made in the USAAffordable - we make it, you save big!! Oh you are in for a treat… you are about to be using one of the only USA made PLA filaments in the world; Maker Filament PLA is here!! Maker Filament PLA is different from other PLA’s you have used in the past because our 3D printer PLA filament extrudes perfectly at 230c which is higher than most of the other PLA filaments you have used before.

The reason for this is that we use a special USA sourced high-temp PLA resin that yields a stronger PLA print, zero warp and is much less susceptible to moisture absorption so you’ll have better prints from the first print all the way to the very last inch of filament on the spool; even if that takes you all year to use... …

Duplicator i3 Review - Prusa i3 Review

This is the all new open-source Duplicator i3 3D printer; see the review here at first - very cool sub $500 3D printer that's ready to run out of the box. Learn more online only at best price, free shipping and you even get 2 FREE kg of Maker Filament® brand ABS or PLA with each Duplicator i3 order!

Enjoy and MAKE on!!

Duplicator i3 First Run Review - Duplicator i3 First Run Review at