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MakerGeeks USA Extrusion Line - This is the new machine and we are still learning about it and getting it dialed in but I wanted to share with you... so exciting; learning a lot and trying to keep up... this machine is the real deal and a LOT to take in but it's coming right along!! I hope to be selling Maker Filament® by mid-December, right in time for CHRISTmas!!

Read about how is making the ONLY mass produced 3D printer filament right here in the USA:


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Maker Geeks
810 N Dickerson Ct. 
Springfield, MO 65803

MAKER FILAMENT® PLA & ABSABS & PLA 3D Printer Filament Extruded, Sourced and Made in the USA Maker Geeks is very pleased to present our newest 3D printing offering of “Maker Filament®” our own in house PLA and ABS filament; MakerGeeks is the first and only large scale US manufacture for ABS and PLA filament for 3D printing; while there are a few other USA extruder of filament they only operate in very small and expensive batches. Here at we have the only large scale, high-speed, high-tolerance extruder on US soil and it's our goal to remove the need to order ABS/ PLA filament from China(about 99.9% of all filament starts its life in China; even the really good stuff!) and to be the first and ONLY large scale producer of ABS/PLA Filament here in the USA. By doing this we'll be ab…