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Extruder Floss - Serious Hotend Unclogging Muscle

Ah, we have all be there... (and if you haven't yet; you will!!) our hotend is clogged and you get that "clicking" sound of your extruder drive wheel not pushing the filament though anymore. A lot of times this can be solved by using our 3D Printer Nozzle Tip Cleaning Tool (sold here: but this tool only really reaches the "nozzle" portion of the hotend which is great for keeping your nozzle clean and clear between filament changes.

If you have a serious clog then you need some Extruder Floss - extruder floss is very thin carbon steel wire that is about 12" long that you can use to insert into the top of the hotend and press through the nozzle while the unit is at tempature and then littearly floss the hotend until you remove the blockage.

It's a simple yet effective tool to have and to keep right next to your 3D printer... it makes an afternoon of tinkering to try and fix a problem into a 5min job and you'…

Maker Filament® PLA & ABS
 Made Right Here in the USA

Maker Geeks 810 N Dickerson Ct. 
Springfield, MO 65803

Maker Filament® PLA & ABSABS & PLA 3D Printer Filament Extruded, Sourced and Made in the USA
Maker Geeks is very pleased to present our newest 3D printing offering of “Maker Filament®” our own in house PLA and ABS filament. We are makers just like you and we 3D print A LOT here at the shop, well north of 100,000 printing hours every year... so we know things that work and things that don't work and we can adjust our manufacturing in real time to make sure that our Maker Filament® is of the upmost quality, design, color and usability. 

We extrude all our Maker Filament®  PLA and ABS in house right here in beautiful Springfield, MO in our new 8,000sq/ft production facility on a high-speed large volume plastics extruder that we had custom built by one of the largest plastics extrusion companies in the world. 

We take the time to dry our raw virgin PLA or ABS

How to add a Heated Build Plate to a Mini Kossel

Good morning all you makers out there- I wanted to do a short blog about how to add a heated build plate or a HBP to your Mini Kossel 3D Printer! It's really easy and all you need is a few things from

1x - Custom MakerGeeks Round PCB HBP Hook-up Wire for the power-leads (16-18 gauge)2x Hook-up Wire for the thermistor (22-25 gauge)1x 100k NTC Thermistor Boroscopic Glass Plate for the Mini-Kossel Small piece of Kapton tape or other high-temp tape
So to get started you'll want to flip over your Custom MakerGeeks Round PCB HBP and find the two solder pads at the bottom of the plate;

Then you'll want to solder your two hook-up wires to those pads, polarity won't mater on this so you can use any color you want.

Then attached your 100k NTC with some hi-temp tape (Kapton works great) - and you should have a HBP that looks like thi…