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How to Hook up a Xtra-Large Full Graphics SmartLCD Controller

Get yours here today at - How to Hook up a Xtra-Large Full Graphics SmartLCD Controllerto your RepRap 3D printer from - Enjoy!!

You'll want to either comment in OR add this line to your Marlin firmware Config file:


Also add the file from this website: to your Arduino Library files.

Enjoy and let me know if you need any help!

How to Cut 3mm Cork with a Laser CNC - Cutting Cork with Laser CNC at - it took a bit of dialing in however we are getting great cuts with very low burns at 60.00 Speed and 70.00 power on our 150w RECI laser tube here at the shop.

Laser Cut NEMA 17 Stepper Gaskets... these little foam gaskets will fit any NEMA17 stepper motor and help with vibration dampening and will in turn help your printer and electronics produce more accurate prints and help to keep your DIY 3D Printer running smoother and longer. Each pack comes with [4] Gaskets! Enjoy!!

I got this file from and we have them laser cut here at the Shop