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UV Sensitive ABS 3D Printing Filament
This is our all new UV Sensitive ABS 3D Printer filament... it changes
color from clear to a vivid purple color when exposed to UV light!
Check it out... can't wait to see what you make with this stuff. Order
today here...

you would like to order a 3D Printer kit to build your own 3D Printer
or you would like to buy a 3D Printer or just want to know What is a 3D
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Speed up your gCode in ReplicatorG

So I think we all pretty much like ReplicatorG and its a great solid printer interface regardless of what you are running; from a MakerBot to a Duplicator 4X to a DIY RepRap it works great. Except that its so CRAZY slow at generating gCode. Well, I just found something that might help... next time you are slicing, go up to the gCode menu, select "gCode Generator" and click on "Slic3r 0.X - Experimental" and then slice as usual - it's way WAY faster!!
I did a side by side comparison and slicing with the normal "Skeinforge (47) - Legacy" setting took my MacBook Pro 34min while the new Slic3r 0.X setting took that same model 1min 12seconds. VERY COOL!!
Give it a try and see what you think... have a great day and remember; Keep Calm and GEEK on @ MakerGeeks!

New 3D Printing Goodies from MakerGeeks

MakerGeeks is rocking a bunch of new filament, parts and 3D printers... in stock and ready to ship out today. Check us out! View this email in your browserWe have lots of new 3D printer filament in stock and ready to ship today... but you might be asking, Why buy your PLA or ABS or other Filament from Maker Well, I'm glad you asked... PLA Filament has small shrinkage even when printing big size model and our ABS Filament has a low shrinkage quality and nearly NO smell which is pretty awesome if you are used to using other brands of ABS Filament in your 3D Printer.At we guarantee Dimensional accuracy ± 0.1mm with laser monitor and interlock device so you can rest assured that you'll have a smooth surface with no bumps, no breaks and no oval or out of round spots.We are makers just like you and we 3D print A LOT here at the shop, north of 100,000 printing hours every year... and we use the same filament we sell…

Going Beyond PLA and ABS

Going Beyond PLA and ABSI recently had a chance to experiment with some new filament that I ordered from and decided to do a brief review.
I used Makey, the Make robot designed by Eric Chu to test each filament.  This is the same model that Make Magazine used in its 2014 review of 3D printers ( Before I dive in, let’s start with a comparison of the three types of resolution that Makerware allows you to choose.  The image below is of 3 models printed using low, standard, and high resolution (left to right).  I used Makerbot filament with these 3 models.
From left to right the resolutions are 0.30mm, 0.20mm and 0.10mm.  Click on the image above for a closer look at the layer resolution.

The following models are all printed using standard resolution (0.20mm).

Team Makergeeks PLA The image above is of models all printed with Makergeeks PLA.
The picture above shows Makerbot PLA in the middle and Makergeeks PLA on each side.  What do yo…

Lab Certified Nylon - 4,800 PSI Strength for 3D Printers

Order BRIDGE Nylon from for the best price and FREE Shipping! Click here! 
taulman3D is today releasing a new high strength Nylon co-polymer to testers around the world for review. The new material is named "Bridge" as it is a consolidated effort by thousands of nylon 618 and nylon 645 users along with the help and support of both our extrusion house and chemical company.
Dubbed "Bridge" by our local St Louis testers as bridging the strength of nylon 645 together with the price of current ABS and PLA thermoplastics, allows any user the flexibility to determine the best choice in material for their printing needs.
From our customers, we have logged and prioritized the most sought after features of a high strength printing material. These were in order:

A Lab certified measure of tensile strength.
Better Adherence to the Printing platform.
Reduced water up-take from local humidity
Non-destructive evaluation (Opacity)
Reduced Shrinkage

Base Reference:

t-Glass Taulman3d 3D Printing Filament

taulman3D” releases “t-glass” A low temp (212C) industrial 3D Printing Material
Order Online at - tGlass on sale today!!  The main features of t-glase

Strength - Specifications on the strength of t-glase will be posted as soon as the data is returned from the test labs.  We have started using a local test lab along with the lab's at a few universities to accumulate data.  The process involves printing several "test bars"  These are bars printed at 5" x .5" x .25".  The setup for printing these is 1 perimeter and 100% solid layers.

Temperature -  Optimum temperature is about 212c to 224C, but will print down to 207C and up to about 235C. 
NOTE: A feature of t-glase was to select a polymer that easily sticks to heated acrylic and glass print tables for the smoothest bottom surface possible.  While t-glase meets this requirement, it results in a low glass transition temperature.  The effects of a low TG is that parts printed in t-glase, should not b…