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Dual Color Wade Reloaded Print

Had a good looking print I wanted to show off... this is a Wade Reloaded extruder that I made into a cool black and white design. Turned out really well; I also did this on a 3D Printer with just one nozzle, very simple to do... just pick a color to start your 3D Print with and let it go for however long you want the model to be that color and then pause the print using the "pause" feature either on your LCD screen or on the printer interface. Once the print is paused just pull out the old filament and load up the new color and hit "resume" and it'll keep on printing. Very cool effect... give it a try! I used our Glossy Black PLA 3D Filament and our Brilliant White PLA 3D Filament for this print...

What are you working on, email me ( pictures and a brief description and we'll post it up on the Blog for you!! Have a great day!!

DIY 3D Printing Guide - What to do when 3D Printing Fails

Wanted to re-blog this from RichRap's blog at:
This article is awesome because so many times we all have prints that just don't workout and Rich took the time to show a picture of common 3D Printing Fails and then what the possible problem is; it's a great first step in getting an issue resolved! Check it out below, I know it'll help you out and don't forget to check out Rich's blog for a TON more awesome info at

"Be Calm and GEEK on" at - More Filament & 3D Printing parts than anyone else on Earth (other planets not confirmed, YET!! ;) )

The 'Art' of failure - When 3D prints go wrong and lessons from failure Everyone has the odd bad print or failure that results in something interesting or frustrating depending on how urgently you needed the part to print.

Here are some of my failures and tips on how to avoid them a…