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Duplicator 4 Review from

Wanted to re-post this great Review of the Duplicator 4 Desktop 3D Printer from the Facebook Fan Page @

Don is a client of ours that bought a Duplicator 4 for his company, here is what he had to say about it...
- Got my Duplicator 4 on Monday. Unfortunately I also have had to work onsite at a client's office so I haven't been able to play with it all I'd like. BUT...out of my seven first builds, six have been a success. The one that failed was a bit complicated and I've built it twice since with no problem...just changing the size. The cool thing was having the first prints work perfectly out of the box. Ten minutes of putting the head on and attaching a few things, then just had to align the bed. The machine came with tape AND a glass plate. I just put the tape down and aligned the bed. Prints have all been PLA, bed at 100c, head at 220c. Used a thickness of .2 for all the first prints, but am trying .1 no… Duplicator 4 Setup Manual

Duplicator 4 software WANHAO DUPLICATOR 4 SOFTWARE INSTALLITION IMPORTANT NOTICE: A.NEVER PEEL OFF THE YELLOW FILM ON THE HEATING BED WHICH ENABLE THE FILAMENT TO STICK TO IT. WITHOUT THIS FILM MAY CAUSE FILAMENT SKIDDING. B.NEVER UNPACK THE NOZZLE INSULATING LAYER. Procedure 1.Install JAVA. This is optional choice. If your computer has already installed JAVA, go to procedure No.3. CLICK THE JAVA LOGO TO DOWN LOAD 2.Install PYTHON. This software slice the 3D model into single printing layer which is called “Skeinforge”. CLICK THE PYTHON LOGO TO DOWN LOD Install Pysco( optional) This software accelerate the python speed. 3.Install drive software REPLICATOR G.( never change the defaut route)        A.  FOR WINDOWS SYSTEM( XP, WIN7)  , Click below:   FOR WIN8 Please click the notice beloe: NOTICE  B. FOR MAC, Click below:           C. FOR LINUX, Click below: Congratulations, you have finished software installation. Then you need to connecting computer to your printer. 1.Connect the serial port. Start R…