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3D Printing Overview & Help

Once you get all setup and ready to print you'll run into some terms and concepts that are common in all 3D Printing... here is a good overview so you know what each mean and how to use and modify them to fit what you are wanting to accomplish via your new 3D printer!! -

SLICING Slicing is the process of turning your 3D model into a toolpath for your 3D printer. We call it slicing because the first thing the slicing engine does is cut your 3D model into thin horizontal layers. MakerBot uses a few different slicing engines in our software, and all of them let you change settings that affect the way they generate a toolpath for your model. If you're having trouble getting your objects to come out the way you want them, the answer may be somewhere in these settings. Here's an overview of some common concepts in 3D printing and what your options are. SLICERSMakerBot Slicer.The MakerBot Slicer is MakerBot's own slicing engine. It’s super fast, a…

How to run ReplicatorG on a Windows 8 Machine

As it is installed by default, Windows 8 does not allow users to install unsigned drivers. This means that the ReplicatorG installer can't automatically install the drivers for you, and you'll need to make some configuration changes to be able use ReplicatorG.

The steps to install the Arduino & wanhao unsigned drivers on computers running Windows 8 is as follows:

1. Uninstall ReplicatorG (if you already have it installed)
2. From Windows 8 Start or Desktop screen (either one), move the mouse cursor to the right side top or bottom corner to get a pop-out menu.
3. Select the magnifying glass icon (search tool)
4. Select the “settings” icon (the gear icon that is the second icon down on the right side)
5. In the search bar (above the icons) type “Advanced Startup”
6. On the left side of the screen you will see an “Advanced Startup options” box; click on this box
7. You will default to the “General” on the left side window; scroll the right side window down to “Re…

Duplicator 4 - 3D Printing with Taulman 645 Nylon

Duplicator 4 - 3D Printing with Taulman 645 Nylon Just got this from a good client of ours that bought a Duplicator 4 - check it out!!
Taulman 645 Nylon from Makergeeks Printed at 260C With my Duplicator 4 came out quite sweet

One word of caution for new users of this 645 unload the print head right away after printing or it will continue to ooze out until the print head is almost down to 80C so if you don't want to waste it unload it!

Thanks Josh!