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Robot Track System Lawn Mower Build Pt: 3

Lost 100lbs of ugly FAT Those big 'ol batteries were heavy and ugly and had to GO... so I found some very nice smaller deep-cycle AMG batteries that still have 22ah and weight about 100lbs less... whew, now robo-mower is running mean and lean.
Check it out:

Next up is paint and the electronics box... almost there!!

Robot Track System Lawn Mower Build Pt: 2

First test run of RC Tracked Mower A few more steps in the right direction today - removed the electronic brakes from the motors. The electro braking system must be supplied with a constant 24v to release or you can just remove them and save yourself that amp draw so that's what I choose to do.

Also, built my 2 battery boxes and bought two deepcell marine batteries today. These batteries are monsters, about 50lbs each so it's a lot of added weight and size that I wasn't counting on in the original specs however it'll work for now in testing - I'm sure I can find something better. One up shot of these batteries is they provide 109ah so at a 20amp draw I can get 5+ hours of use out of this big boy!!

Here are some update pictures:

And this is what 100lbs of lead and acid look like.... This just rubs me all sorts of ways bad, I hate building ugly machines, and with those batteries it's just UGLY!! There is a better option out t…

3D Printer Kit Xtra Package

Home > 3D Printer Parts > 3D Printer Kit Xtra Package 3D Printer Kit Xtra Package Item# 3D-Printer-Package Regular Price: $575.55 MakerGeeks Price: $288.88 Availability: Usually ships the next business day MakerGeeks Description 3D Printer Kit Xtra Package We sell a lot of 3D Printer kits where we print all the plastic parts for you... and while we don't sell a full blown kit we do offer this 3D Printer Kit Xtra Package which will take ANY 3D Printer about 90% of the way to completion.
3D Printer Kit Xtra Package will finish up any of these 3D Printer Kits:
KosselMendel90Mendel Max 1.5 Mendel Max 2.0Prusa Mendeland... ANY other RepRap based 3D Printer Kit design.Here is what's in each 3D Printer Kit Xtra Package (over $500 retail value!)
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Robot Track System Lawn Mower Build Pt: 1

RoBO Lawn-Mower So, I work at our church on the grounds team and my job is to use a push mower on the VERY steep hills around the main building; I would say there is about 2 acres of this extreme hills that need to be mowed every week. Whew... it's pretty rough sometimes!! Of course my inner-geek always comes out while I'm mowing and I think of how I could make it easier... well, what about having a robot do this for me!!

But what sort of robot could manage these hills and do a GOOD JOB of cutting God's grass... hummm...

I have been doodleing and drawing for about 6 months on this and finally started building last week!!

Here we go...

I had a small push mower that I had just bought so I was going to use that for my platform and started researching what sort of motors are best for robots and battle robots; and found that wheelchair motors are awesome work horses.

I found some on eBay for the Jazzy Pride 1 wheelchair, perfect!! I also found …

the Story - "Make Happy!"

the story
"Make Happy"Hello, my name is Joshua b Smith and I own was born out of a hobby that got way out of hand. I have always been interested in building and making and about 3 years ago I got hooked on Arduino® programming and building and flying home-made quad-copters. On a forum that I was a member of for the Aero-Quad group I met some great people and one of them got me interested in 3D Printing - we talked a lot about what makes a good 3D Printer and over the months I decided to make a Mendel90 RepRap machine from scratch. I wanted to source all my own parts so I could build the machine from the ground up and have some ownership in the design. After about 6 months of building and tinkering I was HOOKED, OK... beyond hooked actually and I wanted to be able to share this new passion with others - and... OK, the truth is I just wanted to have an excuse to 3D Print everyday and talk to others that are into the s…

How to build a Mini Kossel 3D Printer

Kossel 3D Printer Kit Item# ko3dprkit Regular Price: $167.44 MakerGeeks Price: $69.95 Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
MakerGeeks DescriptionKossel is a parametric delta robot 3D printer, built in 2012 by Johann in Seattle, USA, based on his Rostock prototype. It is named after Albrecht Kossel, German biochemist and pioneer in the study of genetics. 

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1910 for his work in determining the chemical composition of nucleic acids, the genetic substance of biological cells. Mini KosselThis is Johann's latest and stable version.The rest of this page describes the details of Mini Kossel. Design Goals of the Mini Kossel 3D PrinterZero backlash.Speed: 320 mm/s in all 3 directions.Resolution: 100 steps/mm in all 3 directions.Repeatability: better than 0.03 mm (30 micron)Build volume: cylindrical, 170mm diameter, 240mm height.Footprint: triangle, 300 mm width (240mm OpenBeam + printed corners).Frame height: 600 mm.Prin…