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Rostock Printer Kit - 3D Printed Parts Kit

Rostock Printer Kit Item# roprkit Regular Price: $189.55 MakerGeeks Price: $79.55 Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days MakerGeeks Description Rostock is a delta robot 3D printer prototype, built in 2012 by Johann in Seattle, USA. Several variations have taken root, including: Kossel, Rostock Mini, RostockMax, Rostock Prisma, Cerberus, and ProStock.

Maker prints each Rostock 3D Printer Kit directly from the Rostock GitHub repository so you are sure to get the most up to date parts for your Rostock 3D Printer!

Each Rostock 3D Printer Kit comes with the following:
3x Motor Ends3x Carriages3x Idler Ends1x Platform6x Rods12x Joints3x Endstops1x Airtripper V3.0 Bowden Extruder (this is the newest version just updated 12/30/2012!!)1x Bowden Clamp can also print your Rostock 3D Printer Kit parts in ANY color you like.. all at no extra charge and don't forget shipping is always fast and FREE!

Mendel90 Printed Parts Kit - 3D Printed Parts Kit

Mendel90 Printed Parts Kit Item# mendel90-printed-parts-k90 Regular Price: $149.95 MakerGeeks Price: $79.76 Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days MakerGeeks Description Maker offers the printed parts needed to build the Mendel90; we'll also custom print in any PLA (plastic) color you would like and can also offer the "sturdy", "mendel" or "dibond" veriants on the Mendel90 GitHub pages. This kit will include all the printed parts you'll need... just add everything else!

Mendel90 is a design by Nophead that replaces many of the threaded rods and printed parts of the Prusa Mendel with flat sheets of MDF, Acrylic or any other stiff sheet material. This simplifies construction, stiffens the frame, and always keeps the axes at 90 degree angles, hence the name.

Compared to the Prusa Mendel, which it is based on:
Fully parametric across build area, motor size, rod size, and sheet material. You can customize all the parts and increase the…

Duplicator 3 | Dual Extruder 3D Printer

3D Printers for Sale
The Duplicator 3 is our first dedicated 1.75 mm dual filament extruder. This extruder was designed from scratch, and contains a number of custom manufactured parts. We’ve learned a lot over our past extruder designs, and incorporated a lot of those lessons here: that’s why it’s smaller, lighter, and faster to build. And since it’s designed from the ground up for 1.75 mm filament, it’s light-years ahead of past designs in small-filament reliability.

The layer alignment is much better which results in nicer prints and higher resolution. We’ve completely overhauled the drive system to give the optimum positioning accuracy. The entire system has been upgraded to sturdy 3/8″ diameter linear shafting. This is probably overkill, but you can trust that the axes will be sturdy. We’ve also switched to self-aligning, sintered brass bearings. We’ve completely replaced the Z axis with a stepper driven, cantilevered stage. Guided by two of the linear shafts, this completely elim…

Get a FREE Owl Sticker - 100% FREE

FREE 8bit Owl StickerGet a FREE logo sticker sure to brighten up an workbench, car, 3D printer, spouse, bud, enemy, dog, cat or anything else you can get our 8bit Owl to perch on! Only catch is that you have to promise to snap a picture for us and post it on our Facebook / Twitter pages... we like to see those stickers EVERYWHERE!! Have fun... email me your address and I'll mail one out today 100% FREE!

Get (2) 7' Samples of ABS Filament or PLA Filament with each order for FREE!

Get Samples of ABS Filament or PLA Filament with each order for FREE!You know what? Well, lets be honest... with most 3D Prints only using about 1500mm or less of PLA Filament or ABS Filamentbuying a full spool is a pretty big commentment since a 1kg spool will last you for MANY MANY MANY 3D prints. 

So, at we decided to let you pick out a new PLA filament or ABS filament colors to try out with each order (no minimum) and we'll include a FREE sample of it for you to try in your 3D Printer and see if you like the print quality and color! 

How cool is that... FREE stuff with each order! When you place your order just mention in the order notes section which two colors of either ABS filament or PLA filament you would like and we'll throw it in your order for you! Enjoy!!

Ready to order?Click here to order your PLA Filament or ABS Filament for your 3D Printer - we offer FREE shipping and 1kg flat-price for all rolls and all colors; over 38 colors to choose from and we…

3D Printer PLA Filament - Only $31.55 for 1kg + FREE Shipping

3D Printer PLA FilamentGet the best prices on PLA and ABS Filament online @ plus get FREE shipping on every order; everyday!! has looked high and low for a quality PLA / ABS filament source that we could count on to make our MakerGeeks brand of filament... we finally found the best filament we had ever printed with and I know you'll be happy too; each roll is tested to insure a +/- 0.1mm tolerance.

Matter of fact, if you aren't happy with the way your new filament prints just send back the unused portion and we'll issue you a FULL refund. Can't beat that now can ya.. oh, and how about FREE shipping!

The Maker Difference

1.Lower melting point and better smell than ABS, our PLA flows easily and will not block the nozzle
2. PLA Filament has small shrinkage even when printing big size model.
3. At we guarantee Dimensional accuracy ± 0.1mm with laser monitor and interlock device so you can …

3D Printer Time Lapse 800% - printing a Wades Gear on their Mendel90... we sped this video up 800%... pretty cool to watch in high-speed. Shot with a Nikon D5100 in 1080 HD. Enjoy!

Get the best prices on PLA and ABS Filament online @ plus get FREE shipping on every order; everyday!!